This album is 4 1/2 years coming… They are 4 songs for every stage of life – inspired by what I want my 5 sons to know.

After some long processing (mostly in my head) but some of it in front of a whiteboard, journaling, Evernote, inviting feedback, and waiting on what the artwork would look like.. I landed on “a Father’s heart” for the name.

It was GOING to be named “Lullaby” because all of the songs were started and birthed from bedtime with my boys.. they started at simple prayers and choruses. I’d either sing or bring my guitar in to play over them at night… this album was what came out.

“a Father’s heart” articulates what I want them to know about my heart for them and what how their heavenly Father sees them. I found myself hearing God say these lyrics to me over and over through out my day.


I pray it is an encouragement to you all.

Written by Jason

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