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The title of this blog “At The Speed of Family” should say it all really!  If you are like us, or know anyone with kids.. you know that the speed of family can be fast and furious! Not always, but more than often it is…. fast. We desire for this blog, these articles, and the voices of those who post on this blog – to be something that is uplifting edifying to our readers!

We truly believe that the image of God is imprinted on the family. We long to see that each day… this blog is not intended to find the formula for raising the perfect family by any means. Rather a source of encouragement and a place where you can relate and grow from us and each other!

— Jason and Lesley

[ Who are we ]

We are Jason and Lesley. We’ve been married since 2004, we have 4 boys, Jason serves as a worship pastor in

North Iowa and Lesley stays home to make sure it doesn’t burn down. We love Jesus and our family!


[ guest bloggers ]

There are a number of awesome people that contribute to this blog and our life – here are some of their words and thoughts: Guest Posts

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