Parent: OK kids, bed time in 5 minutes.

Kids: *continue doing what they are doing, and don’t acknowledge the directive*

Parent: “2 minutes”

Kids: *continue doing what they are doing*

*3 minutes pass*

Parent: “OK, go brush your teeth time for bed.”

The five minute rule in our house rarely is ever EXACTLY five minutes. Bed time routine rarely ever goes without a fight (of some kind). I normally pass out extra drinks of water. I am asked to sing one more song, read one more book, say one more prayer, “cuddle with me”, field comments of : “I just can’t sleep”.  I don’t always respond gracefully… but do you know what I realized recently? My ungraceful response at bed-time is usually an attempt at rushing them through the routine to get to what I want or “need” to do.

 I normally pass out extra drinks of water… am asked to sing one more song, read one more book, say one more prayer…

My lesson that I’m encouraging you as a parent to ponder.. Learn to be firm when you should be firm. But what we might deem as important after the kids are in bed: TV, Facebook, blogging, maybe it is work, silence, reading, a glass of wine or another beer, does not even come close to taking the time to show your child that you love them. Be patient. Seriously… our selfish wants don’t hold a candle to the importances of our kids simply wanting our attention and wanting to be where we are a little longer.

Teach them boundaries. 

Teach them honor.

Teach them to respect authority.

Teach them to obey. 

But we should teach any of this forcefully for the sake of our indulgences. Sure, the speed of family is fast. But you can slow it down.. one way is not rushing bed-time.


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Written by Jason

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