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A New Speed of Family (empty nest)

Bob and Stephanie Liska are dear friends from a season past. They’ve poured into more highschool/ college students and young families’ lives than I bet they can even count! Lesley and I have been blessed by their relationship and watched from a distance each of their kids go off to college, they are a few… Read more »

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The last few months have been silent here. Here’s why… I’m closing down this blog. It’s a little bitter-sweet as this has been a landing-place for a lot of thoughts for the past 5 years! I’ve met a number of really cool people and have appreciated and been blessed by the interaction. That’s the bitter part…. Read more »

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Introducing: At The Speed of Family

There is a phrase that I’ve found explains the rate at which we find ourselves moving through life… “At the speed of family” I believe there are others that feel this way… family life is speedy. My wife, Lesley, and I are hoping to encourage others that find themselves in this same season. Please! If… Read more »

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where we stand as a family.

The house is quiet – other than the ticking of clocks and the typing of this blog. But I hear things like: “can you really do this (parent 4 boys)” or “how are you going to love your wife tomorrow (you could have done better)” or “did you really love her today how she needed”… Read more »

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my work and “thank you”

Thank You. Simple as that. Not complex, yet incredibly. You hear this. “Thank You” You see this: *work* Yet, delight in both. Thank You. Work. Together. Yet, separated. Sabbath. Space. “Delight in me, child” I delight in you. Because of my work.

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the filter pandemic

This is my effort to make a statement that we filter too much of our life through Instagram and the like. Don’t get me wrong. I REALLY LIKE Instagram.. but honestly, the “#nofilter honesty” of pictures has me captivated.  There are some profound spiritual insights and parallels there that are begging to be explored…. but… Read more »

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a bigger water source

My wife told me about a situation that played out in our backyard the other day with two of our boys.  We talked about many of the spiritual applications… and it was too funny, and too much of a reality for some of us, not to share.    So here goes: The temperature in the… Read more »

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Morning Psalm

I awake – to your heart yet beating for me. to your name being sung by creation. To your rivers flowing, living water, running to the the least of these. let them meander to my feet let me wade in that water that I would stand and say: Praise to the One who reigns All glory… Read more »

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the moment

    There’s a point in everyone’s day. Maybe it’s the moment before your feet hit the floor. Maybe it’s the moment before you open the door to the office, to the shop, kitchen, child’s bedroom, the mailbox (bills)….. Maybe it’s the moment after someone flips you the bird in your car for no reason…. Read more »

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the battle

My strength. When broken. I am seated with you. When chaos. You are still. When accusations. You are shelter. When failure. You are faithful. When I disappoint others. You are not. When doubt. I look up. When distraught. I praise.