I am confessing something here: it drives me nuts when my “mow lines” are not straight. There, I said it.

I have a five-year old son who wants to be grown up for a handful of reasons but his primary reason is: he wants to mow the lawn. The last few times I have mowed – I have allowed him to push the lawn mower. By doing so my “mow lines” are not straight. I seriously almost had an internal meltdown – but realized quickly how ridiculous I was being. “Mow lines” only last for two days AT MOST and my son’s work ethic is being developed for his lifetime.

A practical note today on the blog (and I’m preaching to myself as I write).. If your child wants to help let them help. Work ethic is taught AND caught. If their “help” is not to the degree of perfection you would like…. get over it. Excellence is different from perfection – and teaching your kids the difference between the two will save them (and you) a lot of stress and confusion.

I’ve learned my lesson: I am going to let my mow lines be a little crooked.

Written by Jason

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