We took a trip to the local convenient store tonight to pick up candy canes to hang on the Christmas tree – my wife had a great idea to keep ‘in the spirit of the season’ since we put up the Christmas tree early this year: decorate the tree a little more each week… this week was candy canes, next week… TBD.

We let each of the kids pick their own candy canes, Roman picked out some crazy flavored ones, and Levi went ‘default’ and picked out the classic Red and White – he went straight for the box with the most character: the box with both ends bashed in and shoved to the side – the candy canes were fine, but the box was, well… not attractive…

Both Lesley and I started to discourage him from choosing that particular box but we stopped, chuckled, and moved on.

Many lessons in this… still pondering it all, and probably will for some time.


Written by gangwish