I have re-learned something about God while interacting with Roman. The other day I did a little “experiement” I just let Roman kind of meander around the room, he was playing with his books, toys, and even getting into things that he shouldn’t have been, but I let him do it… then I would run to him and start playing on the floor with him… asking him questions, he would answer in his language, we would wrestle, tickle laugh and then not suddenly but in a subtle way I would walk away…. what did he do??? He followed me saying “d…addy” over and over, he wanted to play more, spend more time on the floor interacting with me…. it was such a joy. I learned in that little life lesson how much i really do desire to be interacting with God, and I was given a glimpse of how much HE enjoys us seeking after him after a time of “playing on the floor” and spending time with Him, or on another note: maybe after a time of failing to spend time with him, or even after I have gotten into something I shouldn’t have….

Written by gangwish

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good analogy – can’t wait to see you and your family for Thanksgiving!


This almost brought tears to my eyes. Children & God, they have such a huge space in my heart! Hope all is well!

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