Breakfast smoothies are a frequent in our house. Usually our blender makes enough for one boy let alone the whole army (joking.. kind of). Recently I was pouring “seconds” to one child I was reaching over the table stretching to pout the smoothie..




As I was pouring more smoothie into his cup he began to pull away his cup before I was finished. I stopped the pour before it went all over the table and he moved right along through breakfast. I know he would have taken more.. in fact, he asked for more later after the pitcher had been emptied.. but at that point the rest of the tribe had consumed what once was.

How many times have I pulled my cup away from the pour of the Father? It looks like this:


reading my bible.. And checking it off my list before he profoundly speaks to my heart.


praying for 5 minutes “God give me strength today” rather than sitting and listening for his words.


moving to situation to situation – putting out fires instead of sitting and asking for Kingdom Wisdom.


flying through the day checking off tasks rather than giving margin to learn about God’s heart for someone in need.



Now, granted, my Father has endless supply of smoothie so my metaphor breaks down with the supply of God (of everything) verse my supply (of smoothie). But I trust that my words convey Kingdom principles.

Written by Jason

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