Recently I was sitting on our couch. My mind and attention occupied (honestly can’t remember with what) while my two oldest boys were occupied with various toys and books in the same room. I glanced up to ‘check on them’ and found my 5 year old son watching me, smiling. as our eyes connected he simply smiled at me. Priceless. 

As I thought on this, it made me think….  that never, NEVER is my Heavenly Father’s attention off of me (like mine was to my son(s)). It is constantly on me, watching, waiting for me to turn to Him so that I can see HIS smile. I, of course, inevitably return a smile back… how can I not.

Smile at someone today.  Maybe take some time to gaze at God and his attributes; see if you can keep from ‘smiling’.


Written by gangwish

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Noah Lomax

What an incredible thought! When you spent some time alone gazing on God, are there any particular passages or devotional helps that encourage you?

Jason Gangwish

Hey Noah, great to have you stop through, I love your perspectives. Just heard an awesome message by my pastor today on Matthew 25. Amazing how this passage gives me so much encouragement an conviction at the same time!

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