I appreciate Brad Ruggles’ post about things not feeling spiritual – great perspective.

For those that are still new at the ‘trusting Jesus thing’… it is easy to think the ‘spiritual fire hydrant’ won’t run dry – and when it does –  it is easy to be disillusioned that something is ‘wrong’… (had this conversation with a number of college student this last month). For those that aren’t so new at the ‘trusting Jesus thing’… it is just as easy to be discouraged by all that is going on – and think the work and results are up to us… we too quickly forget there IS something spiritual about everything we do.

What is this ‘trusting Jesus thing’ ??

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Dude, good stuff. I think guilt and perplexedness (?) over spiritual dryness is something that everyone struggles with. I am tempted to think that something is necessarily wrong with me. While that is possible (definitely) it is helpful to know that those emotions are part of the normal ebb and flow of life. Feelings are good, but can’t always be trusted.

Mikey Irish

Dude, was wondering bout the comment of mine u wanted to use on ur ‘stranded here’ site… Did u use it or did i miss it bro? Love ya buddy… In christ, Mikey

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