Last week Lesley had a ‘bout with some weird bug. She could barely get out of bed. I knew she didn’t feel good when she went  to bed… and so – I prepared myself to be “pro-active Dad”.  That entailed:  nurse, taxi, nanny, judge, play time planner, and much more. But for this task, I knew preparation would be needed.

What is it in your life that needs preparation? Do you make that preparation every day? I don’t. Just being honest. It is hard to fill up with the right stuff every day. Recently I was asked if I heard the recent podcast from someone… I laughed (literally) … I replied, “No, but I’ve listened to children’s requests quite a bit”.

But you know.. I am so happy to hear their requests. In the past few days – I’ve done a better job at filling up with the right stuff. I’ll be even more transparent – there’s many times I skip to the coffee and crash through the task list, do the routine, cut out the margin and start right in on fixing things and doing what I want.


You know what happened that next day when Lesley was sick? I focused on the right stuff out of necessity. And I didn’t put it on a list. I knew what needed to be done… lean on God and ask him first. God re-showed me how amazing he is, he re-showed me how to be a present Dad to my kids, he re-showed me how to love my wife. I am in love with all three more now then I was at the beginning of the week because I filled up with the right stuff… His Word.

Written by Jason

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