Give up “serious” for a moment. Seriously. (and keep reading)..


Children might like seriousness for a short time – but I would venture to guess that your kids, like mine, love to laugh, be tickled, sing silly songs, imagine, be goofy.. They hunt humor. And so should you.

Here is a snippet of humor in our house. I’ll be honest with you… our house is PG and maybe even PG-10 with four boys under the roof.

Summer 2013

Driving in the van… explaining what a rectum is to #1 and #2 sons… #2 son says with confidence: “a rectum is brave and strong and holds your poop in.”

I’m thinking he “gets it”.


My challenge? Find something funny today, record it in a journal – take a picture to remember it!! If you’re into it: hashtag #fridayfunnySOF –  or even comment below with something that happened this last week that was just hilarious!

Written by Jason

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LOL that’s the best I have heard yet !!! You have a real comedian on your hands with son #2 !! LOL

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