I’m sitting here in Northern Iowa on a Saturday after noon with Roman (2 year old) deep in a mid day nap, and Levi (4 month old) trying to reach for the keys that I’m typing – and a deep conviction and thought struck me.. what words and insights will this guy (Levi) have when he is older, what people will he lead, what thoughts will he share that will influence people to live better, stronger, freer, passionate, etc…. you get the idea… then what struck me even more (and I’m sure that I had a similar thought with Roman) what am I doing now that is preparing him for the crazy, ruthless, ‘relative’, world – what perspective am I teaching him (them), I get lazy about this, much more often than I am diligent.

With a broader brush — what are you / we (whether you have children or not) doing to influence those kids that are 0-3 years old? What encouragement, what example, what prayers??

Written by gangwish