Playing basket ball with Levi:  I was cheering on a toy hand-drum and chanting “Go Levi, Go!” then all of a sudden he tells me to stop “Daddy, stop. No, daddy stop. I do it” and he takes the drum and starts doing the same thing but chanting “Go Daddy, Go!”

This was just another amazing reminder of what God does for me. He cheers for me. Then when I turn and do the same “Go Abba Go!”  – it brings much joy to his heart.  That worship [those cheers] opens the heavens for him to work in my life and more importantly in this world.   Obviously it doesn’t change the fact that he will work and do what he desires, but I do believe that it brings joy to the father’s heart, just as Levi brought joy to my heart when he cheered for me (even if it was for making a basket in the fisher-price or Nerf basketball hoop).


Written by gangwish