I’m of the belief that God has holes in the knees of his jeans. Yes, God has jeans and they are both Holy and holey.


Yesterday I was down on my knees play/picking-up toys if you’re a parent you get it.. you pick up while you play… it’s kind of an “80/20 rule” of sorts. I noticed my knees getting warm from scooting around. The thought ran through my head: (and laugh all you want but this is my brain) “I may burn holes right through these things”.

Then I realized.. you know.. God has holes in his jeans. He’s always ready to be down on the floor with us playing.. engaging.. not picking up (I think he has delegated that, or at least I would delegate it if I were him… I’ll stop.).

He’s ready to engage us, his eyes are waiting to catch ours, his hands are ready to hold ours, he’s ready to make us laugh with delight, and bless our socks off with unmerited gifts.


So here is my theological pondering for the day… God has holey jeans.

Written by Jason

lover of: Jesus, @legangw1, 5 sons, lyrics, family humor, and epic blanket forts. Worship Pastor: www.praisecc.org Blogger: www.atthespeedoffamily.com Songwriter: www.soundcloud.com/jgangwish