I was sitting on the couch catching up on news, email, and the like.. When my oldest asked if he could go outside.. He only asked because he recently sprained his ankle and has been told to take it easy… 

I told him:  “Sure, please just stay in the yard.”
He made his way out and took two plastic (as opposed to real) light sabers with him.
As I sat on the couch reading head lines and subject lines I heard the small, small nudge (HS) say: “Go play light sabers with him.”
I did. It was amazing.
After a few epic battles we sat on the deck in the shade and we talked about what ever he wanted to talk about it went from Star Wars characters and story lines to what he liked about Star Wars.
God didn’t want me to play light sabers, he wanted me to enjoy my son, spend time with him, doing with him what he liked to do. It was 15 minutes total.


After a few epic battles..
You know what I found as I sat there on the deck? I found little maple trees sprouting, weeds that needed pulled, a lawn that needed mowed, a Sunday Worship service that still needed some attention… and so on…

I stayed “with” him. It was amazing. Love glimpses like this into The Father’s heart for me.

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