11:00pm Sunday evening – great day of worship with The Bride at PCC.  Chai tea is cold now – yet I’m still sipping it. Listening to some amazing music, a mix of Bon Iver, Sleeping At Last, Imagine Dragons, Hillsong, and Walking in April [reminiscing] – Christmas lights still glowing, they would grow arms and hold tight to the tree that would grow roots into our floor if it could…..if it was real…..  Christmas seems to go too fast; the decor begs, like kiddos, to “stay up late”…. No, decor you must go to your Rubbermaid for the year. But the family will be excited to see you in 11 months. Now go.

Scenes and Seasons change quickly. I’m thankful for seasons and scenes that change. It reminds me that God freshens us and our perspective with his ways.

Eph 1:17  I keep asking that [God] … may give you the Spirit[f]of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.



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Jason Vana

Changing seasons and scenes reminds me that, while God is always the same, He continues to guide me into places that are constantly changing. Great post, Jason!

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