Recently we went on a family ski trip to Vail, CO. It was awesome skiing and some great memories were made. The roughest part of the trip was our voyage home – it took us approximately 3 days (not straight driving) to get “home-sweet-home” much of the country had winter weather – we did too.  Needless-to-say, it was GREAT to be home.  Now on the flip side of the vacation I might have said the converse: Vail, Colorado is better (more exciting, prettier, more to do, more desirable) than Home. Now that time has passed… well, right now Home is better than Vail. It wasn’t the weather / trip home that changed my perspective – it was simply being away from home.

My pondering for the vacation as I trekked from what might arguably be the best skiing in the US to “Wayne America”… How much more my heavenly home is more desirable not only over Vail, but my current home.

Even further on in my scattered thoughts, I think:

What makes ‘Home’ desirable?

Is it routine? familiarity? location? company? view? activities? responsibilities?

What makes your current home desirable? And how might that parallel with, someday, Heaven?

Written by gangwish