There have only been a couple times when I have wondered whether I should post something here (my blog). This was one of them. Before you do – pray. Pray that God might reveal to you what you might do. My last post seems very “shadowed” in light of this… recently I prayed “I want to know you… be like… see what you see… feel what you feel… More.” I am confident God is answering that for me.

[UPDATE] – the video that was posted here was taken down due to the unknown credibility. Please continue to pray for persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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This is ridiculously real. It puts our lives into a whole new perspective. We read about Christ’s persecution, but to see it, and to know that we too call ourselves Christians, yet would we do the same? How many will denounce Christ for fear? It’s written that these things will happen and then Christ will be back to save us! That is the true glory in all of this..

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