Mandy  Thompson did this a while back (really cool idea).  This morning I was watching a sermon by Joel Thomas – he just started a series on “Wishes” and Mandy’s idea came to mind…

So here are the “rules”:

1) scroll down (or click on) “leave a comment” below.

2) enter your name as “Iwish” (or feel free to leave your actual name if you like!)

3) enter an email as “”

4) Finish this sentence in the comments: I wish ________“. (as many times as you would like)

Your wishes do not have to be profound, in fact… here are a couple of my wishes for this afternoon:

I wish…

  • my family was not sick any more.
  • to know Jesus more.
  • for warmer weather.

Easy as that! Now, what do you wish for?

Note: “Prayers” are also accepted! The sermon noted specifically called out wishes and if you have time, I encourage you to watch or listen to Joel’s sermon.

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I wish people took time to appreciate everything they have/had, before it is all gone.

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