I was in the backyard recently listening to the “I’m bored” edict from one of my boys.

I gave a list of things he could do to be un-bored.. everything from ride your bike, kick the football through the goal posts, load the dishwasher, swing.. when all of a sudden I found a frisbee in a flower bed and I said: “Hey! Here – let’s play frisbee!” He continued the pout but I flung the disk at him anyway.. he missed it but slowly turned and picked it up – when he looked my way I saw the crabby face breaking into a smile.. before I knew it all 5 boys including the neighbor boy were playing frisbee.. the 1-year-old chasing the disk from boy to boy as they threw it around the yard.

It made me remember when Moses tells God (essentially) I’m not going to do what you’re telling me unless you do it too… (that’s a heavy paraphrase) but read Exodus 33:15 … it was essentially what Moses was saying.  It was a great lesson for me today from Father how to father. Do with them. God is always doing with us what he wants us to embrace and do… it’s his name. Walk in the image of God, as a parent, and be with them [your kids].

Written by Jason

lover of: Jesus, @legangw1, 5 sons, lyrics, family humor, and epic blanket forts. Worship Pastor: www.praisecc.org Blogger: www.atthespeedoffamily.com Songwriter: www.soundcloud.com/jgangwish