I have not be incredibly vocal about this current season, but wanted to give you an update and say “thank you”.


In October last year I went in for some tests – those tests came to show that I had a form of thyroid cancer. After prayer and discussion Lesley and I decided that we would move forward to treat this as doctors had advised. I had my thyroid removed on Nov 28th, and on Dec 31 – I started to prepare my (diet and medication) for radioactive treatment scheduled for this last Wednesday, Jan 11th. God has been so faithful through all of this. My hope is in the weeks to come I will share more of some deep truths of God’s heart and testimony through the last 6 months..  but for now, I simply wanted to give an update to our “network” of family, friends, church, and readers.  Those of you that have been “in the know” and praying, sending food, cards, money, time – we are so very VERY grateful and humbled.


“How are you doing” is a common question – I’m doing well, really! Other than tired due to being off medication to prepare for radiation treatment, I am feeling really good.  Today was my first day back to a normal diet and medication, so things will get better on that front.  I know I can speak for my most amazing wife – we are ready to be beyond this season, but oh how we have learned so much about the heart of God, we have grown in our understanding of him and his faithfulness – which has un-matched value. As I write this, I have to be away from people through Sunday, Jan 15 – and so we are looking forward to reuniting as a family after this weekend! FaceTime is great – but just isn’t the same as an actual tickle fight with my kids!


Again, thank you all for your love and support.

Jason and Lesley