How many times have you thought that Jesus doesn’t care if you drown in the mess of what you’re going through?

It feels like that at times doesn’t it?  Take a look at Mark 4:38 (and the story around it) – the disciples were in a storm and this basically was the accusation toward Jesus in the midst of the storm. Bold of them. Especially considering the recent past…

There is a song that you have probably heard by Laura Story that is called “Blessings“that fits this passage well. Awesome song. Just Awesome.

Watch the video and listen to the lyrics, can you relate? I sure can.


Written by gangwish

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Arny Sanchez

I serve a God that controls the storm…

that commands the rain and the clouds and wind…

and the seas bown down in reverence to it’s Creator!


What a powerful song… It’s definitely hard to see and feel the hand of God with only our flesh to guide us. I think that’s where we get in trouble. Seeking God in spirit brings a little better understanding, but in the end, we are called to live by faith. I think that is how we honor God as we wait on His perfect will.

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