In Part 1 – a question was posed: “are there any balloons that God might just pop eventually to get your focus off them?”

There was a moment the other day when I was overwhelmed by balloons in the house… granted it was my own fault for blowing them all up — FYI: a two-year-old and four-year-old can’t blow up balloons.  It even got to the point when the they were fighting about whose balloon was who’s, and who had it first, they even started to trip over some of them. The time came (obviously) to whittle down the number of balloons in our house. The knife came out of the butcher’s block and I had a hay-day popping balloons. The boys took it surprisingly well considering how much fun they were having a few moments before hand. After all was said and done we had 2 balloons left (one for each boy). Much better.

My Confession: My hobbies can be a balloon that I keep juggling when I shouldn’t….. I love to write music – take pictures – social media. All those things are GOOD, but they take away from what is better / best.

Your turn, take a moment and try to think of ONE thing in your life (family, work, ministry, circle of friends) right now that is “Good” that is keeping you from what is “Best” or “Better”. So…. go ahead, confess here.

Written by gangwish

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David Santistevan

Great thoughts, Jason. Ironically, a good thing in my life is reading blogs. But sometimes reading those blogs can take up time that I should spend reading Scripture or a good book or spending undistracted time with my wife. Those things are definitely better. Great challenge.

Keep up the good work!

Jason Gangwish

“Undistracted time” is SO valuable (and hard to do). I’ve been working hard on this too with my wife and kids and have seen some great fruit come from it.

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