barn and sky

I was walking through a parking lot today. I’m not sure why, but I was glancing into the back seats of random cars, no…. I wasn’t looking for any thing particular, but it was fun to see what kind of things are just laying around in people’s cars. As I write, I think about what is in the back seat of mine right now….. there is a diaper from a couple months ago… yes it is clean – there is a map, some random CD cases, an empty pop bottle, a blanket wadded up on the floor… you get the idea… it is my work car. 

What struck me in the few moments when I walking across the parking lot was how many times we just let the junk in our life linger… after a while I don’t notice the stuff in the passenger seat or back seat of my car anymore. That is until someone rides with me and I say the infamous “man I have to clean my car” line… as I shuffle things around so that there is room for them to sit…. I think we all need to do a better job of keeping the junk from cluttering our lives and cars.

Written by gangwish