This morning I read David Santistevan‘s blog “Why A Healthy Morning Routine Is Essential For Creatives” (some great advise in every post – go check it out)  Don Miller‘s post “Taking a Break” triggered these thoughts ….. AND as I was thinking / writing the post I remembered the video clip from MadTV called “Stop It!” (hilarious).

So all this triggered the following in my head:

What if I stopped….

  • Writing Music
  • Facebook / Twitter
  • defending my position
  • learning the newest gadget
  • watching the news
  • Blogging
  • adding every little thing to my “to do” list
  • carrying my phone & iPod everywhere
  • Staying up to late
  • worrying

At first I think: “but I like and even need to do some of this stuff to keep up with what is going on keep ‘in the game’ of blogging writing sharpening what God has given me as passions and gifts……… Do I? Really? All the time? As much as I do?

Then I say (or maybe it is God speaking really not sure)… “There are better things to do at times than the list above, Jason.”

If you’re looking for application:  Make your own list on paper or maybe just in your mind, and ask yourself:  If I stopped these things what consequences (good or bad) would there be, would the void be noticeable to others, to God? To whom?

Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)

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David Santistevan

Thanks for the link, Jason. There is a fine line between obeying God by strengthening your gifts and being obsessed with them. What helps me is always starting my day with Jesus. Then I get to work with what He’s called me to do.

Blessings, bro. Thanks for reading and always sharing my posts.

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