We’ve all heard it.


“Do as I say, not as I do.”


What does “Do as I say not as I do” imply? It implies.. quite bluntly… you are a lazy parent. Telling your child to “do as you say and not as you do” is a cop-out of all cop outs. You are telling them to do something you are not wiling to do and you’re teaching them integrity can be separated from doing and saying.

Now — initially you think: “I need to be perfect, If I’m going to tell me child to do as I do.”


That is the furthest from the truth. Do as I Do — wouldn’t that also include trusting in the saving grace and Lordship of Jesus? Admitting we’ve blown it.. that we’ve sinned.. that we also ask for forgiveness when we treat someone wrongly.


Do as I Do is what we should be saying.

Written by Jason

lover of: Jesus, @legangw1, 5 sons, lyrics, family humor, and epic blanket forts. Worship Pastor: www.praisecc.org Blogger: www.atthespeedoffamily.com Songwriter: www.soundcloud.com/jgangwish