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Have you ever listened to lullabies, like “Rock-a-bye Baby” – it’s horrid! The baby falls out of a tree.

Or how about “Hush Little Baby” – narcissism!

I know you know the classic lullabies, most of us have sung them; but there was a point in my parenting in which I rebelled for the obvious reason above. So I ended up writing my own, Lesley started to sing new songs over the kids as well – and so – my creative thinking got rolling. Why not write these down, take time to record them, so that other little ears may hear them? Maybe other parents might discover God in a deeper / child-like way, like we have.

Here marks the start of our lullabies being shared with you! We will list them here on the blog but you can be looking for them on social media or sign up to be notified of new releases here.

 The first song “Rest” is a song that I cannot shake from my mind, heart, and lips. The song came out spontaneously as I sang over my children during bedtime one night.

I’m compelled to believe “Rest” and the other songs coming in an EP, are songs from my heavenly Father’s heart for my kids AND for me. I pray these are a blessing to you and your kids.

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Written by Jason

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