I was getting ready to head to the office this morning when our family was doing the morning routine – breakfast, clean up, switch PJ’s for suitable clothing, showers, etc..

you get the point – and have your own routine.

It isn’t uncommon that you’re barged in on if you’re in the bathroom. We have 1 1/2 bathrooms and with a young family it is inevitable someone is in a hurry to use the facilities… well this morning I was barged in on. I was brushing my teeth and come to find out, my 6-year-old was directed to brush his as well. In the meantime, I was in a hurry – brushing feverishly.

With my head down in the “brushing my teeth over the sink” position – I looked to my right and saw my son slowly, quietly, meticulously putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, then slooooowwwly putting his toothbrush to his mouth and brushing his teeth in a very leisurely manner.  As I play it back in my mind it was as close to slow motion as you could get.

Right then God showed me how to relax. I pondered. 

I pondered my 6-year-old brushing his teeth and realized how much at peace he was, how he was being obedient, how he was not rushed.

I pondered how he was simply doing his normal routine, being obedient, in his “father’s house” – and relaxing that the day would come, things would get done, some might not… but right now? He was brushing his teeth. Doing what he was to do and moving to the next thing when he was directed.

It made me slow down. 

Psalm Chapter 91 has been the chapter & verses today.

“Dwell in the shelter of the most high” “take shelter” – relax a bit and remember who is in charge.. brush your teeth (or what ever you’ve been told to do) in your father’s house and rest in what he has done, is doing, and will do. And what ever you do – try it in slow motion.


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