I learn a lot about God through my kids… tonight I was going upstairs to do something and Levi started to follow me. The lights were off in the stairway, and he only heard me go upstairs… didn’t see me.  He started to follow me (one of his favorite things is stairs).  I stood at the top of the steps and looked down in the dark (he couldn’t see me) and I said “Levi stay down stairs”.  He then stopped and listened into the darkness to see if he could hear me walking around anymore… I knew if I started walking around he would keep coming. When he didn’t hear anything he turned around and went back down the stairs.

The lesson: stop and listen for God’s “footsteps”… when it is too dark to see anything, just stop and listen… if you don’t hear Him… Go back or turn around.

Written by gangwish

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lauren walton

So well said, Jason. Your story will be a wonderful reminder to me when I am the one “on the stairs”!

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