I’ve been hungering books lately, maybe just reading in general – so I’ve started to read The Case for Christ, but Lee Strobel, something that stood out at me tonight while I was reading was the fact that ancient Greek and Hebrew languages [of which the bible was originally written] did not have a mark for quotations. The reason why…. as Lee Strobel writes in an interview with Dr Craig Blomberg: “the only purpose for which they thought history was worth recording was because there was some lesson to be learned from the characters described…”

This struck me very interesting – what it made me realize was how much more important my actions are over my words. Granted there is a time and place for words but in reality my actions speak louder.

my goal in the next couple weeks: to ‘live with out quotations’.

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Brian gall

That’s good stuff, but sometimes I live with nasty gestures. I’ll try to lose those as well as quotations.

Matt Simpson

That book is awesome, also the case for a creator, strobel really knows how to provide a good ‘case’ – a new way to understand a few things

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