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A few days ago my 3 (and a half) year old exuberantly agreed to help me rearrange some furniture. I had to move a few chairs to this room, and move a coffee table to that room, an end table to another room. None of these did I really need help moving –  but seeing the sheer joy and proud look on my boy’s face was well worth the extra time it took to move the furniture from room to room. Not only that – it tought him that work is a good thing! He “helped” with joy and willingness and I took joy in spending the time and seeing his willing heart.


I was talking to a dad the other day about how much we learn from watching our kids.. seeing the father / child relationship in front of us is a great reminder of our relationship with Father. I love that God wants me to help him “move furniture” to do hard work, he invites me into what he is doing.


What about you mom or dad, what project or work have you invited your child(ren) into that on the surface you’d rather just get done on your own?


Did you learn anything?


Here’s to learning as a parent!

Written by Jason

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