At this point in life, my wife and I have 5 boys 11 years old and under. We are in a season of singing lullabies to them. For few months we have been singing “new songs” songs over them during bed-time. Some of the songs are only a simple verse, some of the songs are prayers (we just sing them), some of the songs are only melodies, but then SOME become full songs. “Rest” is a song that will not leave my mind, heart, and lips. It came out spontaneously as I sang over them one evening.

It really is a unique season (parenting). You learn much about God; I feel like the lullaby (Rest) and the other songs coming in an EP later, are songs from my heavenly Father’s heart for me.. and not just for my kids. I rest in His song and presence over me just as much as my children rest in MY presences with them. This song reminds me, as a child, God is Emmanuel (God with us). As one of the lyrics of the songs says: “I am here”.




After some long processing (mostly in my head) but some of it in front of a whiteboard, journaling, Evernote, inviting feedback, and waiting on what the artwork would look like.. I landed on “a Father’s heart” for the name.

It was GOING to be named “Lullaby” because all of the songs were started and birthed from bedtime with my boys.. they started at simple prayers and choruses. I’d either sing or bring my guitar in to play over them at night… this album was what came out.

a Father’s heart articulates what I wanted them to know about my heart for them and ultimately I found myself hearing God say these lyrics to me over and over throughout my day.


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