Levi Karl Gangwish joined us in this world last night 8/22/08 – 7lbs 8oz, 19 1/2 inches long. Born at @ 7:51 (amazing how exact they get) – daddy hood doesn’t really get old… and it is amazing how I want to tell him everything about his Family, Home, and World. I’m already sensing the difference between him and Roman – let alone their size, but my mind is flashing forward to: “what kind of pranks will you play”, “what kind of food will you like / dislike”, “will you you be a musician / athlete / book worm / computer wiz / socialite” — what ever it is, I know it is God breathed, so surprise me Levi!

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What a blessing!!! So glad to see he is finally here. I pray your next 5 months go more smooth than ours did!!!! lol
We wish you the best. Mike and Misha

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