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Overshadowed realties are all around us. Here are 8 of them worth considering…


Don’t let the broken plate overshadow the fact they tried to help.
Don’t let the accidental spill overshadow the fact they tried to take responsibility.
Don’t let the broken window overshadow the fact they have learned physics.
Don’t let the fight overshadow the fact they do hug too.
Don’t let the voice overshadow the fact they can make sound.
Don’t let the strong will overshadow they will someday be driven.
Don’t let the constant questions overshadow they are seeking understanding.
Don’t let the delayed bedtime overshadow they want to be with you.

Written by Jason

lover of: Jesus, @legangw1, 5 sons, lyrics, family humor, and epic blanket forts. Worship Pastor: www.praisecc.org Blogger: www.atthespeedoffamily.com Songwriter: www.soundcloud.com/jgangwish