Dear Responsible Momma,

  How does a high responsibility Mom take care of 5 boys who have little interest in responsibility?     #1: She goes crazy. She spends her every step trying to command them in “duties”—wash your hands, take off your shoes, put away your toys, make your bed, brush your teeth, stay on task! Thus,… Read more »

Lazy Parenting

We’ve all heard it.   “Do as I say, not as I do.”   What does “Do as I say not as I do” imply? It implies.. quite bluntly… you are a lazy parent. Telling your child to “do as you say and not as you do” is a cop-out of all cop outs. You… Read more »

  • a voice in the dark

      There are certain moments as a dad that wreck you. If you’re a dad, you know what I mean. If you’re not a dad – you can glean from this as well… hang with me.   Our youngest right now is not feeling well – he’s whiny, clingy, and emotional. That’s how he gets… Read more »

  • Parenting | Fatherhood

    I’m on a mission. I want to encourage, unite, network and foster a setting where dad’s can talk about their “wins”, ask other dads for advise and pointers. If you’re a *dad and have the time (hahaha)… I’d love for you to join me! *if you’re not a dad, please email, or share this with someone who… Read more »

  • What do you like to hear?

    What do you like to hear? We asked that question at supper tonight… It’s a question that has many layers.. ask a four-year old or a ninety-four year old and you’ll get vastly different answers. But… of the 4 rounds around our supper table tonight… no one answered : “I like to hear people yell… Read more »

  • lessons in lullabies

      Have you ever listened to lullabies, like “Rock-a-bye Baby” – it’s horrid! The baby falls out of a tree. Or how about “Hush Little Baby” – narcissism! I know you know the classic lullabies, most of us have sung them; but there was a point in my parenting in which I rebelled for the obvious… Read more »

  • Paddle The Boat: The Right Perspective (Pt 4 of 4)

    Overshadowed realties are all around us. Here are 8 of them worth considering…   Don’t let the broken plate overshadow the fact they tried to help. Don’t let the accidental spill overshadow the fact they tried to take responsibility. Don’t let the broken window overshadow the fact they have learned physics. Don’t let the fight overshadow… Read more »

  • Paddle the Boat : Saying No. (Pt 3 of 4)

      My knuckles turning white on the full grocery cart I’m pushing. Dreading the impulse buy gauntlet (aka “check-out line”). The questions WILL come. “Can I have this?” “Can I get ONE thing [they mean candy]?” I’ll be honest, I want to say yes, EVERY single time. I mean, come on… sugar tastes good. So here… Read more »

  • Paddle The Boat : Be Together (Pt 2 of 4)

    “Daddyyy.. wiw you pway cawrs (cars) with me?” Hesitate. Hesitate.. thinking.. quantifying.. calculating: time, responsibilities… indexing tasks.. prioritizing responsibilities..     * Here is where most of us as parents say : “No, I can’t right now – I have too much to do”. Then behavior and antics escalate into us disciplining because they find… Read more »

  • Paddle the Boat : The Budget Sync (Pt 1 of 4)

    Lesley’s email to our friends, the post on margin, and a late night video chat date with some dear friends about a month ago have collectively stirred some thoughts which has led me to a series I found myself writing called “paddle the boat”. The “boat” being the all-encompassing “family life”.  and the “paddle the” would be… Read more »

  • Margin is Essential

      Margin is a challenging thing to cultivate in family life. As kids age and family size grows (some of you can testify) the margin on the page of each day gets narrower.  I’ve been learning about this in my own walk as a dad, and recently I was reminded of how important margin is… Read more »

  • moving furniture

    A few days ago my 3 (and a half) year old exuberantly agreed to help me rearrange some furniture. I had to move a few chairs to this room, and move a coffee table to that room, an end table to another room. None of these did I really need help moving –  but seeing the sheer joy… Read more »