Dear Responsible Momma,

  How does a high responsibility Mom take care of 5 boys who have little interest in responsibility?     #1: She goes crazy. She spends her every step trying to command them in “duties”—wash your hands, take off your shoes, put away your toys, make your bed, brush your teeth, stay on task! Thus,… Read more »

Lazy Parenting

We’ve all heard it.   “Do as I say, not as I do.”   What does “Do as I say not as I do” imply? It implies.. quite bluntly… you are a lazy parent. Telling your child to “do as you say and not as you do” is a cop-out of all cop outs. You… Read more »

  • Levi’s Status

    Hey everyone – thanks so much for the prayers and concern about Levi. He is doing so much better! He is a “new baby”, definitely not as uncomfortable as he was before surgery. We continue to have to clean the wound on a regular basis which is no fun (for him or mom and dad)……. Read more »

  • Worship Resources

    I truly apologize to those involved in the Worship Seminar at Fall Getaway (NE CCC Event) – I had mentioned that I would post some online resources that I use for leading worship, and learning worship concepts. Blogs:Mars Hill (Seattle): Kimball: of Topics regarding Worship: Matters: Worship Bible Study: Questions… Read more »

  • who cares?

    There are moments (coming more often that I desire lately) that you really have to let go of control, and realize that God cares more for my children than I do – that is hard to type, because it sounds like I don’t care… .but I do with all my effort. Tomorrow Levi is going… Read more »

  • a father’s heart

    The band and all those connected (kids / wives) went to Fall Getaway (Nebraska’s Campus Crusade Fall…. you guessed it “Getaway”) – last weekend and had a great time!! We help usher students and staff into worship through music. Saturday morning I was at the main part of camp while my family and the rest… Read more »

  • worship: our response

    I’ve had one of those renewed revelations recently after doing some studying about worship. Here are my thoughts: Pretend for a second that you find out your closest friend has ignored you, or used you for their gain, or denied they knew you because of someone they were around thought you were a looser, or… Read more »

  • worship and white noise.

    white noise – noun 1. Also called white sound. a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound, as an electronically produced drone or the sound of rain, used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds. so I was driving the other day and heard a song on KPNO (the radio), what I did (almost instantly) when I heard it… Read more »

  • Crickets Hear Thunder

    So Lesley and I were sitting in our living room tonight with a couple of friends discussing some theology and OT while a thunder storm started to creep closer and closer to Wayne. We had the windows open and could hear all the noises of the night: crickets, crickets and more crickets (I make it… Read more »

  • where do I find truth?

    we are currently going through “The Truth Project“, and through discussion the other night I’ve realized how much I look to “good” things for Truth and direction. Things like: Christian Leaders, “Good” Websites / Blogs, Reputable News Organizations, Friends, etc….. I more often go to those rather than pray, and seek God in his Word…. Read more »

  • help me daddy

    you know those ladders in parks where you start climbing up them and eventually – if you continue on climbing – you’ll just end up upside down on the other side?? Well Roman decided to crawl up one tonight at the park. Lesley and I were sitting on a swing watching him and I figured… Read more »

  • this is my daddy

    while spending some time with Roman today – he said something that struck me…. we watched a movie and were just kind of hanging out and he ran toward me and said “this is my daddy” – at first it was just cute, but in soon became profound to me. Yes, Roman I AM your… Read more »