God has holes in the knees of his jeans

I’m of the belief that God has holes in the knees of his jeans. Yes, God has jeans and they are both Holy and holey.   Yesterday I was down on my knees play/picking-up toys if you’re a parent you get it.. you pick up while you play… it’s kind of an “80/20 rule” of sorts. I… Read more »

Lazy Parenting

We’ve all heard it.   “Do as I say, not as I do.”   What does “Do as I say not as I do” imply? It implies.. quite bluntly… you are a lazy parent. Telling your child to “do as you say and not as you do” is a cop-out of all cop outs. You… Read more »

  • where do I find truth?

    we are currently going through “The Truth Project“, and through discussion the other night I’ve realized how much I look to “good” things for Truth and direction. Things like: Christian Leaders, “Good” Websites / Blogs, Reputable News Organizations, Friends, etc….. I more often go to those rather than pray, and seek God in his Word…. Read more »

  • help me daddy

    you know those ladders in parks where you start climbing up them and eventually – if you continue on climbing – you’ll just end up upside down on the other side?? Well Roman decided to crawl up one tonight at the park. Lesley and I were sitting on a swing watching him and I figured… Read more »

  • this is my daddy

    while spending some time with Roman today – he said something that struck me…. we watched a movie and were just kind of hanging out and he ran toward me and said “this is my daddy” – at first it was just cute, but in soon became profound to me. Yes, Roman I AM your… Read more »

  • new life

    Levi Karl Gangwish joined us in this world last night 8/22/08 – 7lbs 8oz, 19 1/2 inches long. Born at @ 7:51 (amazing how exact they get) – daddy hood doesn’t really get old… and it is amazing how I want to tell him everything about his Family, Home, and World. I’m already sensing the… Read more »

  • listen, give, serve.

    i’m simply amazed at how little we ask for help in a desire to save face or make our selves look better than how we really are… I want to be more transparent, more willing to sit and listen to someone in need, there for someone that I wouldn’t normally lend a hand, heart, or… Read more »

  • the more i know

    the more i learn the less i know… I’m sure someone well known said that at one time, and I should most likely give credit or quote them – but 1) I don’t know who said it and 2) I’ve come to realize this is oh-so-true in my life, and so, I have adopted this… Read more »

  • “i love you this much”

    i was leaving for work the other morning when roman followed me to the door – when I walked a little way beyond our sidewalk I turned around and he stretched out his harms is wide as they would go and said… “I love you this much” — what he dosen’t understand right now is… Read more »

  • baggage

    we arrived home tonight from our 4th of July weekend in Iowa (great time with family) – As we were unloading the vehicle I got it in my head that I’m going to take as many bags as I can from the car, into the house, up the stairs, around the corner, and into the… Read more »

  • God Is Good

    The other evening Roman had a 101-102 temperature… you know how it is when you have a fever and trying to sleep… you can’t so he was up most of the night just whimpering and trying to keep water ‘down’. At one point I brought some Tylenol in for him and told him I was… Read more »

  • “Big Boy Faith”

    so yet another cool lesson from my awesome son… I was at the park with him the other day and we were moseying around just playing on slides, throwing rocks, sand, sticks and watching ants – then I could tell he didn’t know what to do next… so I suggested the swings. He got so… Read more »