God has holes in the knees of his jeans

I’m of the belief that God has holes in the knees of his jeans. Yes, God has jeans and they are both Holy and holey.   Yesterday I was down on my knees play/picking-up toys if you’re a parent you get it.. you pick up while you play… it’s kind of an “80/20 rule” of sorts. I… Read more »

Lazy Parenting

We’ve all heard it.   “Do as I say, not as I do.”   What does “Do as I say not as I do” imply? It implies.. quite bluntly… you are a lazy parent. Telling your child to “do as you say and not as you do” is a cop-out of all cop outs. You… Read more »

  • Happy New Year

    As I sit here at the computer, my family asleep and the only company I have is a dried Christmas tree that has been abused by lack of watering …. I look at the calender hanging next to the desk and each day that has come and gone has been crossed off. I sit here… Read more »

  • Focus

    Focus is something that is needed in all contexts of life – working at a job, driving down the highway, building relationships, even relaxing for some… I believe that there is a raging battle for our focus on God and the enemy Focuses his efforts (yes even the enemy focuses) on making us as unfocused… Read more »

  • throne

    The H.S., my wife, and Louie Giglio teamed up on me this last week. [not really but it felt like it] I have been running myself ragged with things to do… and most of the time it is with one (or all) of my many hobbies. I have realized that I will do everything that… Read more »

  • Prayer – Song

    This is from an old post – I’ve heard many people thinking about prayer and how God answers prayer…I thought I’d share some lyrics of a song I’m working on… Let me know your thoughts… Pray your Fill Can truth be found in your circumstance/Can love be found in the way you stand/should I bend… Read more »

  • Mystery

    I was talking with a close friend the other day and we were discussing the different attributes of God. One the attributes that theologians and students of the bible have named is that He is Mysterious. When my friend shared this with me at first it kind of spooked me, but when I think about… Read more »

  • passions

    What are your passions? What drives you? What do you wish you could do all day? Don’t give the lazy, quote – unquote, “humorous” or junior highish answer like… sit and watch TV, or sleep, or eat, or play video/computer games, etc… I like to do those things too… but I get bored of them,… Read more »

  • growing pains

    Growth is something I strive for… and it might be safe to say that we all strive for it in some way or another whether it is your size (as a child growing up), your job, your marriage, your talents, your understanding of ________, your knowledge of _______, or maybe the most general…your life. If… Read more »

  • Lull of Life

    Recently my son Roman was having one of his fussy spells around midnight one evening, nothing Les or I could do would calm him, we walked around, bounced him (like you do with a baby), “shhhhhed” him… his diaper was clean, his tummy was full and it was 76 degrees in the house – what… Read more »

  • Run to You

    How amazing is it that God, the Holy God that created the universe, that spoke and all that we see, hear, taste, and know came into existance… think about that…. he spoke and things became. What has amazed me even more this week is that even when I pour out my passion pointlessly into things… Read more »

  • lessons

    What’s the point… when all is stripped away, when the money I work so hard to make is gone, when the people I try to impress have passed on or away… when the work I have sweat over is out-dated… If I have not Christ. When all of this is gone – what is left?… Read more »