Our boys love to talk on the phone, we still have a phone in our kitchen with a chord on it. It looks like it is from 1970, because it is. Our three older boys all had dentist appointments and the dentist office (like most nowadays) have one of those FACCM’s (futuristic automated confirmation calling machines) that tell you to press 1 to confirm your appointment, 2 to change your appointment, 3 to leave a message, and 4 to order the latest movie while you’re sitting in the dentist chair…. seriously. Not really.

Here’s the scene.

I’m home with the boys so there is a given amount of activity, I rarely get to the phone if I’m home with them by myself, I don’t know how my amazing wife does it… but this time I picked up the house phone. But I picked up the wireless one, listen to the spiel “press 1 to — yada yada yada… press 2 to yada yada…” then out of no where I hear the 1970’s phone pick up and Josiah breathing then he starts going crazy pressing numbers BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP beep.

Needless to say “1” must have been pressed first – when I called to explain the situation the next day all three boys were confirmed for their dental appointments.

Written by Jason

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