From time to time I ‘publish’ my Q.U.I.T.R list (Questions, Ideas, Thoughts, & Reflections).

These are things that I’ve jotted down in the moment – I am finding it good to keep this “QUITR list” to pursue, pray, and bounce these ideas around with my wife, friends, and others in ministry – things that race through my mind when I don’t have time to delve into them with full focus…

Do you have any “QUITR” topics or entries to add?


Boys can throw rocks into a lake for hours, I think there will actually be a ‘boys only’ lake in heaven for this purpose only.

How much faith should I have for God to show up? 1%? 99%? 25%? ….. ?

“Not my effort but my yeildness.” (unknown)

There is peace in conviction… but only when we follow through on surrendering.

Worship: I do what it takes [to sacrifice my will] because You did what it took.

Waiting is never ‘sweet’ in the moment, but it is worth the flavor when there is no more wait.

Leadership is Servantship.

Answering the phone with a ‘happy voice’ makes a big difference on the other end…

1 Chronicles 28:9 — 2 Chronicles 7

Do I have what it takes? Not at all… but God does.

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Written by gangwish