How amazing is it that God, the Holy God that created the universe, that spoke and all that we see, hear, taste, and know came into existance… think about that…. he spoke and things became. What has amazed me even more this week is that even when I pour out my passion pointlessly into things that don’t matter…. you name it… He still runs to me. I can waist so much and he still loves me… now obviously that doesn’t give me the freedom to waist time, effort, or money on things that don’t matter (because He’ll love me anyway) but it does give me the motivation to run after someone who loves me that much….

Here’s a new song that I wrote on this subject, let me know what you think – Run to You

Written by gangwish

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Jason, I like your new song! You amaze me on how you can write such lyrics! Truely a gift from God.

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