This morning before I left for the day I asked my 10-year-old son who I should vote for…


R: “It’s your decision.”
Me: “It’s your future.”




Whether it is this election, future elections, future policies, current events, natural disasters, trial, tribulation, or persecution – the way we have modeled and taught our kids will determine HOW they navigate through their future. I don’t know exactly what their future will be like, but I know it will be challenging.


I’ve been giving this a lot of thought recently.. the next two posts I hope to give some insight and practical application of the HOW Lesley and I have been teaching our kids.. I hope it is of some encouragement to you.
In the mean time…


1st – check out this new resource by Seth Dahl “Arrows” (Video) which does a great job of coaching parents to train children in the way they should go.


We’re giving away a few of these to those who share our blog posts. Be sure to hashtag: #ArrowsGiveAwaySOF and the link to the post (or you won’t be entered).


2nd – and ponder this : 1 Tim 1:18-19 in light of how you should parent.

We’ll be back soon with the follow up “application” posts and a few more details about “Arrows

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