I was leaving for a meeting the other morning when I made the normal “goodbye round” through the dining room while breakfast was underway… I gave everyone a kiss on the head than Josiah (20 months) stretched out his arms for another one, in the mean time he had filled his hands with jelly from his toast.. and his upper lip had accumulated snot from his runny nose. I knew this would not be good. I bent down held the stickiest hand away… and… yup. Inevitably he squeezed me close with his [spare] sticky hand. Awesome. The transfer of snot to my shoulder was not noticeable, but non-the-less, it was there.

“While we were still snotty / sticky, he became snot and jelly covered for us.” [see Rom 5:8]

Be Jesus to your kids, no matter how unbecoming it may be. (Easier preached / said than done)

Written by gangwish

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Isn’t it amazing that 1. snot (and other things) are mostly less gross than they used to be – provided it comes from your own offspring…otherwise it can still be just as gross; and 2. the desire by offspring to wipe said snot (and other things) on shoulders/clothes is directly proportionate to how dressed-up one is. 🙂 Love the um “paraphrase” of Romans!

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