There are many things in life that aren’t “worth it”. Strawberry milk is not one of them. It is worth it. Every. Time.

It’s fruit and milk together. That is joy in a glass.

Our kids are fanatics about this stuff.  The other day at lunch my son asked for some. And I’ll be honest – I was not in a “giving mood”. My initial response was going to be “No” –  But, I paused…. you know what? What in the world is it going to hurt. Seriously. It’s joy in a glass right? And it’s Saturday.

Needless to say – I gave him a glass of strawberry milk and re-learned a little lesson for myself of giving. And even thought it IS “joy in a glass” – I wouldn’t give it to him every day (and don’t). But one Saturday lunch time in the span of a week or more… it is worth hearing his excitement. I love giving to my kids…. Sounds familiar….

Be blessed and give to someone today!


“I love giving to my kids.”



Written by gangwish

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Paul LOVES strawberry milk…although I think yours is made with actual strawberries, right? Hmm, “joy in a glass”…I like that. Now I need to think about what that is for me. Probably depends on what time of day it is: black tea with milk first thing in the morning when I am very tired might be it. Of course so is a iced chai latte – especially since those are had so rarely by me! Does Lesley like the strawberry milk?

Jason Vana

Strawberry milk is awesome! I thought I might have outgrown my love for it when I grew up and, I either haven’t grown up yet or my love for it will never change.

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