oil art from Leslie Killinger (www.vibrantviews.com)

Sustain Me – Song (Please Listen!)

when my heart fails to forgive
when my soul longs to live

I will search and find

your heart to bind my soul

cuz your grace is here
your grace is near

your grace is all I need

Your word is right

your word is mine

your blood is all I need

for this heart that soon fails to forgive
This soul that so longs to live

When my eyes fails to see
When my flesh climbs off the tree

I will search and find

Your heart to bind my soul

Written by gangwish

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I hope for the day that you enjoy a father’s joy and pride for his son’s love of God! You’re a stud!

Matt S

wow.. some deep lyrics, that’s awesome that david gets to come home for leave soon. you better give him a HUGE hug for me šŸ™‚

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