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lessons in lullabies

  Have you ever listened to lullabies, like “Rock-a-bye Baby” – it’s horrid! The baby falls out of a tree. Or how about “Hush Little Baby” – narcissism! I know you know the classic lullabies, most of us have sung them; but there was a point in my parenting in which I rebelled for the obvious… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 005

Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.      [ One ]  Creativity! How boring life would be without creativity. I’m thankful for music, imaginations of little boys, blanket forts that turn into caves and spaceships, poetry, art, etc…   [ Two ]  My wife’s prayers! Truly an amazing blessing.   [ Three ] Friends that… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 002

There is always something to be thankful for – Thursdays around here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  [One] Children’s innocence. [Two] Answered prayer. [Three] The creativity of God (and the image of it in his people)! Thankfulness is something we should practice! Share in the comments what are you thankful for!

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Quitr vol 9

From time to time I ‘publish’ my Q.U.I.T.R list (Questions, Ideas, Thoughts, & Reflections). These are things that I’ve jotted down in the moment – I am finding it good to keep this “QUITR list” to pursue, pray, and bounce these ideas around with my wife, friends, and others in ministry – things that race… Read more »