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ages and stages

The age / stage your of your child(ren) right now is the right stage for them… and it’s right for you. Stop wanting something different! Ever find your self thinking these statements: I wish [name] could just crawl – then when they do, you wish they couldn’t move so quickly. I wish [name]  could walk – then when… Read more »

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The last few months have been silent here. Here’s why… I’m closing down this blog. It’s a little bitter-sweet as this has been a landing-place for a lot of thoughts for the past 5 years! I’ve met a number of really cool people and have appreciated and been blessed by the interaction. That’s the bitter part…. Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 009

  This week’s Thankful Thursday is from Jani Dahlin, Pastor of Children and Adult Discipleship at Praise Community Church. There is always something to be thankful for – Thursdays around here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  Three things I am thankful for today . . . [ one ] The 7 wonders of the world . …. Read more »

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Be Their John, Not Their Jesus

    As our middle two children, one after another, chose to run down a path of selfishness, rage, anger, tirades, and fits, I was becoming overwhelmed! Now add to that, a five month-old, who for whatever reason, decided that today would be a good day for an unsettled schedule (cue the crying!) AND the… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 008

Guest post for “Thankful Thursday 008” is by Alyssa Bartek, she writes for heartlandbeats.com and is a great mom and wife.  Her and her husband, Rick, live in Henderson, Nebraska and are just down right cool people. [Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  #ThankfulThursday] [ one ] Books: I wouldn’t be who I am today… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 007

  Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.  #ThankfulThursday   [ one ] dreams. how boring what it be to never dream (while awake, or asleep)? We would never have made an airplane. we would never have made cars. we would never have seen the depths of the ocean. we would never have walked on the moon……. Read more »

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the failed routine

  Maybe we’re the only family that does this… if we are, then well, we’re like this… HA! We see an “issue” that needs addressed, a new bed-time routine, a new supper “helper” chart, a new reward method, or some other routine-ed task. We make the chart, talk with the kids, do it well for a… Read more »

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guitar picks and cough drops

This morning I was getting ready to leave for the office when my two-year old son came into my bedroom and grabbed a rogue cough drop off my dresser. I thought he was going to unwrap it and eat it – to which I told him he had to put it back. But nope. He… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 005

Thursdays here at SOF are dedicated to being thankful.      [ One ]  Creativity! How boring life would be without creativity. I’m thankful for music, imaginations of little boys, blanket forts that turn into caves and spaceships, poetry, art, etc…   [ Two ]  My wife’s prayers! Truly an amazing blessing.   [ Three ] Friends that… Read more »

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Thankful Thursday : 004

  [ One ] Video Chat : this seems to be “normal” in our culture at this point. But I remember needing to drive 9 hours as a child to see family & friends. While on the road this week I’ve been thankful for video chat to see my four boys and their faces and… Read more »