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funny things

  Give up “serious” for a moment. Seriously. (and keep reading).. Children might like seriousness for a short time – but I would venture to guess that your kids, like mine, love to laugh, be tickled, sing silly songs, imagine, be goofy.. They hunt humor. And so should you. Here is a snippet of humor… Read more »

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Introducing: At The Speed of Family

There is a phrase that I’ve found explains the rate at which we find ourselves moving through life… “At the speed of family” I believe there are others that feel this way… family life is speedy. My wife, Lesley, and I are hoping to encourage others that find themselves in this same season. Please! If… Read more »

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the moment

    There’s a point in everyone’s day. Maybe it’s the moment before your feet hit the floor. Maybe it’s the moment before you open the door to the office, to the shop, kitchen, child’s bedroom, the mailbox (bills)….. Maybe it’s the moment after someone flips you the bird in your car for no reason…. Read more »

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sticky hands

I was leaving for a meeting the other morning when I made the normal “goodbye round” through the dining room while breakfast was underway… I gave everyone a kiss on the head than Josiah (20 months) stretched out his arms for another one, in the mean time he had filled his hands with jelly from… Read more »

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Strawberry Milk (joy in a glass)

There are many things in life that aren’t “worth it”. Strawberry milk is not one of them. It is worth it. Every. Time. It’s fruit and milk together. That is joy in a glass. Our kids are fanatics about this stuff.  The other day at lunch my son asked for some. And I’ll be honest – I… Read more »

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lurking in the woods

Have you ever stop to think of all that is “lurking in the woods”? The sharp teeth… the poisonous plants… quicksand… maybe even an ogre… You don’t see those things until they have either already happened or have “taken you down”. Right? I was walking through a wooded area along a creek yesterday and as… Read more »

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what losing (part of) your finger can do

Trauma. It slows you down, it qualifies and prioritizes people, tasks, and passions …. there’s much more it can do, but these are what it did for me today. And that is what I want to ‘journal’ about here tonight. Today was a unique day. My oldest son lost part of his finger (the tip… Read more »

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drinking ketchup with a straw

You know… life is filled with things that we think are good ideas at “first thought” – drinking ketchup with a straw would (in my opinion) fall into this category. I was sitting next to my favorite middle child recently and was eating a cheeseburger, when I glanced in his direction and saw a steady… Read more »

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big steps, tight grip

Do you remember when you started to walk? I do. I’m kidding. That would be a weird memory though… as I think back on the events of this evening my 9 month old loves to crawl to a familiar adult and crawl up their leg… what he wants you to do then, is to give… Read more »

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Things I couldn’t dream of saying 15 years ago.

With time, comes change, with change comes perspective… I’ve been saying a lot of things I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying 15 years ago… “…Hey!! NO! Spaceships don’t go in Macaroni.” “I really need to balance my checkbook” “Sorry, I can’t get together tonight to watch a movie, we have to go get diapers” “should… Read more »