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funny things

  Give up “serious” for a moment. Seriously. (and keep reading).. Children might like seriousness for a short time – but I would venture to guess that your kids, like mine, love to laugh, be tickled, sing silly songs, imagine, be goofy.. They hunt humor. And so should you. Here is a snippet of humor… Read more »

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sneezing in the silverware drawer

  There are few things in life that are grosser than a “snot flinging sneeze” (SFS). We’ve seen a slurry of them recently (wow, slurry. Interesting word placement there). #3 son was helping, as he usually does, with breakfast. As he pulled the breakfast drawer open to pull out forks for pancakes we had a… Read more »

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Friday Funny

  Absolutely no offence to anyone that has any combination of these items…. I just saw a Toyota Camry with a license plate cover that said “Get in, Sit Down, Shut Up and Hold On” with a stained-glass angel hanging from the rear-view mirror. I chuckled. Have you run across anything funny recently?